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Coffee Roasting
Coffee roasting is both an art and science.  Roasting is one of the most important aspects of creating gourmet coffee.  Our master roaster has over 30 years experience exposing the optimal flavor and aroma potential from every hand picked batch.
It is very important to note that Hokulani Estate Coffee Company does not blend coffee beans.  Our beans are 100% grown in the Ka'u district of Hawaii. Most large distributors blend coffee beans from other regions and or countries to create distinct flavor blends and to ultimately lower their cost.  Our philosophy is, not to compromise or blend our world class quality beans, while fully supporting our emerging local Hawaiian, USA coffee industry.
We can't give away our roasting secrets but the process basically works as follows: 
In the first 5 minutes of the roast the beans change colors from green to yellow and then to gold.  At about 10 minutes gasses in the beans build up, swelling the beans to twice their original size and then they rupture.  Sounds like popcorn in the roaster. This is the "First Crack".  After about 11 minutes, the color continues to change to a darker brown known as a full city roast.  At around 12 minutes the color and aroma of the coffee begin to change rapidly in the same manor as the first crack. The gasses continue to build up and the beans become darker roasted.  Our Master roaster  determines exactly when to stop the roasting process at our signature Medium Roast level. Then the coffee is poured out onto the cooling vat that stirs and cools the beans.  The fresh roasted whole coffee beans rich in flavor and aroma are weighed and packaged in air tight bags with one-way  valves to let the aroma and Co2 gasses produced by the beans escape but does not allow oxygen or moisture in, maintaining freshness.
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