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Hokulani Estate Coffee Company - 100% Hawaiian Ka'u Coffee
Ronda Smith PinnowAbout Us
Coffee offered by Hokulani Estate Coffee Company is: 100% Ka'u, from the Big Island of Hawaii, USA
All apparel is 100% preshrunk cotton
Ronda Smith Pinnow
 CEO & Co-Founder
whole coffee beansHokulani Estate Coffee is produced by small growers who are carefully selected for their quality and expertise.  Our exclusive growers cultivate the land on the Southern slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano in the district of Ka'u. This region provides the best environmental conditions to produce gourmet world class coffee. Ka'u is located about twenty miles South of the famous Kona Coffee growing region.
As residents and land owners of the Ka'u District we have a profound desire to promote the emerging local coffee industry.  Growing, processing, roasting, and marketing coffee is a family affair for us and our partner growers.  We hope to contribute to the growth and well being of our small community.
Heavenly stars Hokulani coffeeThe Hawaiian term "Hokulani" means heavenly stars.  Hokulani Estate is situated on Hokulani Blvd. at 2500 feet of elevation, revealing an unobstructed 180 degree Pacific Ocean view. At night the view is equally magnificent, with little interference from ground lighting in our remote area, the night sky on Hokulani Blvd. is mesmerizing with the beauty of the Heavenly Stars.  Like all of the Hawaiian Islands this is a magical place that connects us to nature.  We put a little of this magic in every cup!
coffee tasting Ka'u coffee is of the arabica species.  Arabica coffee is a superior grade of coffee that is usually referred to as gourmet coffee.  Ka'u coffee is an award winning coffee, achieving distinction in National coffee cupping competitions and is recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association of American (SCAA) and coffee experts around the world as one of the world's finest gourmet coffee's.  Only a fraction of arabica coffee grown in the world meets the standards of the SCAA.
Hawaii Coffee Association Cupping Competition and Kona Coffee Cupping Competitions.
Coffee Tasting Terms
The general criteria for tasting coffee is to judge the flavor, body, acidity and aroma.
  • Acidity is the sensation of dryness under the edges of your tongue and on the back of your palate. It provides a sharp, bright vibrant quality.  Lower acidity creates a smoother taste.
  • Aroma can be difficult to separate from flavor.  The aroma contributes to the flavors we discern on our palates.  Subtle nuances like "floral" characteristics derive from the aroma of brewed coffee.
  • Body describes how the coffee feels in your mouth.  It is the viscosity, heaviness, or thickness that is perceived on the tongue.  A heavier bodied coffee will maintain more flavor when diluted.
  • Flavor is the overall perception of the coffee in your mouth.  The balance of acidity, aroma , and body create the flavor.
Typical flavor characteristics:
Richness- refers to body and fullness
Complexity- the perception of multiple flavors
Balance- noncompeting presence of all the basic taste characteristics.
Desirable flavor characteristics:
Bright, Dry, Sharp or Snappy
Caramelly-candy like or syrup
Chocolaty- an aftertaste similar to unsweetened chocolate or vanilla
Delicate- subtle flavor
Earthy- soily characteristic
Fragrant- aromatic
Fruity-berries or citrus
Mellow-round smooth taste
Nutty- an aftertaste
Spicy- a flavor and aroma reminiscent of spices
Sweet- free of harshness
Our company is based on the belief that our customer's deserve excellent coffee.  We are committed to offering the worlds best whole coffee beans grown in the best soils, traditionally harvested and processed. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee begins with the beans you choose.
Ronda Smith Pinnow
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